Anope's channel mode setting doesn't work. I can't set modes with OperServ, and every time ChanServ tries to set a mode, my server reverses the change.

Make sure EVERY server on your network has a U: line for Services in ircd.conf, for example:*:*

Anope ignored the SET SUCCESSOR setting and deleted a channel when the founder expired.

Normally, this is because the successor had too many channels registered; in this case, you will see an entry in the

log file like the following:

[date] Successor (SuccessorNick) of channel #somechannel owns too many channels, deleting channel #somechannel

If you don't get a message like this or you can verify that the successor wasn't running into the channel limit, please report it

using the bug-reporting procedure below (see section 6 of the README file).

How to auto voice all those whom join my #channel?

Execute the following commands (/cs is an alias for /msg ChanServ):

/cs set #channel secure off /cs set #channel xop off /cs levels #channel set AUTOVOICE -1

Channel options like RESTRICTED or SECUREOPS don't work. What's wrong?

Make sure that you didn't put any of your normal IRCd's as a ULined server in Anope. Some access checks for

clients from ULined servers are skipped to avoid fights between the ULined servers. This is usually only useful when you have a

statistics server connected to your network.