Using the OperServ JUPE command results in server messages like "Server juped.server introduced by non-hub server".

Services' uplink must have an H: line for Services in the ircd.conf file, which looks something like:


I can't use the ADMIN command to add Services admins, it tells me "Permission denied."

Did you define yourself as the Services root? You need to insert your nickname in the ServicesRoot directive in

services.conf. Also, you must be a global IRC Operator and your nickname must be registered and properly indentified with NickServ.

When I add an AKILL, the users matching it don't get killed.

Use the AkillOnAdd configuration directive.

Trying to use OperServ gives me "Access denied", but my nick is in the ServicesRoot directive and is registered, and I've identified for my nick.

You need to be a global oper (i.e. user mode +o) to access OperServ. This can be configured via the OSOpersOnly

directive in services.conf .

When I used the OperServ RAW command, Anope and/or my network crashed, or did weird things! Please fix this bug!

"That's not a bug, it's a feature." Have you ever typed /msg OperServ HELP RAW? It's clearly stated there that

this command is dangerous and that its use may result in very bad things. And that's why this command has been disabled by default.

If you enabled and used it, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN. All help requests will be ignored, even if the problem happens not immediately.

I would like to have the list of the different RAW on OperServ.

If you have to ask, you should not be messing with RAW :)

I can't get /OS UMODES and /OS SVSNICK to work!

Make sure you the USE_OSSVS is defined on config.h. Since these are very controversial commands, they are turned off

by default. Then, make clean ; make ; make install . Also, you need to be a SuperAdmin to be able to use these commands.

What is a Super-Admin? How does it work? Why might it not work?

Super-Admin's have extra privileges, including being founder on all channels. It must be activated on a per user

basis and is only available to Services Admins and Services Roots. It is set using OperServ and is not persistent. It only works if

SuperAdmin is not commented in the services configuration file. This is commented by default. Read /msg OperServ HELP SET SUPERADMIN

for further help.

How can i enable the OperServ RAW command?

Enabling the OperServ RAW command is VERY dangerous and should never be done on a real network without thinking

about it very well first. The RAW command can easily break your whole network if used incorrectly, and thus you will receive NO

SUPPORT if you enable RAW on your network. Before you enable RAW, be very sure you really want to enable it, and keep in mind that

you will NOT BE ABLE to receive ANY SUPPORT anymore, because Anope's stability cannot be guaranteed if RAW is enabled. The RAW

command comes bundled as a core module for operserv. To load it, add the os_raw module to the list of OperServ core modules. But be

sure to keep in mind that when you enable the RAW command, you CANNOT GET ANY SUPPORT for Anope anymore.