What is Anope?

Anope is a set of services for IRC networks. See the README file for more information. And in case you were

wondering, Anope is Epona spelt backwards :)

Where can I find Anope?

The latest version can always be found at the official Anope distribution site:

New version announcements can also be found at http://www.anope.org/ in the main page.

Does Anope run under Windows?

Yes. For more information on how to obtain the windows version of Anope visit http://windows.anope.org/

Can I send you questions without reading the FAQ, INSTALL or README files?

No. If you don't read those files, your messages will most probably be ignored. We don't mean to be rude, but if

we took the time to write down some documentation, we'd expect you to take some time to read it.

I need support for the XYZ protocol.

Since Anope 1.7.9, support for other IRCD's, and thus protocols, has been made modular. More information on making

a support file for your favorite IRCD can be found in the docs/IRCD file.

Your Services program doesn't do XYZ like DALnet (or other) Services. What's wrong?

Nothing is wrong, except your expectations. Anope is a completely different program from that used on DALnet; they

are similar in concept only.

I've got a great new idea for Services. Do you want it?

We are always interested in hearing new ideas. HOWEVER, do not expect your proposal to be in the next Anope release

for sure. As a rule, we usually don't add anything that can be equivalently done by other means, or that we consider totally

useless; see question 1.8 for examples of things we don't plan to add. Our general intent is for Anope to provide as much

functionality as possible--while staying as lean as possible. So features which are arguably beneficial will tend to be added, while

features of limited or no benefit or which can be equally provided by something else already in use will tend to be passed over. If

you'd like to give us your idea, you can go to our website at http://www.anope.org/ and add it on our online Forum, in the Feature

Requests section.

Examples of features we have been asked about and why we won't add (or haven't yet added) them, so don't ask us about them:

  • An option to make ChanServ stay in some/all registered channels: we see absolutely no necessity for this feature,

since BotServ already does this anyway. * A "current time" field in NickServ and ChanServ INFO displays: Most people have clocks of

some sort either on their computer screens or on their walls (or both), and all IRC servers, as well as Services, have a command to

return the server's current time. Thus a current-time field in INFO displays would simply take up extra space for no reason.

Can you help me?

No, we can't help you unless you tell us what you need help with.

Where is RootServ?

Anope does not supply RootServ. All functions you would find in RootServ have been integrated into OperServ. If you

really want to use RootServ, you can set the OperServAlias in services.conf to be RootServ. This will enable the RootServ nick to be

used for OperServ as well. Read the comments near OperServAlias in the configuration file for more information.