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Serialize Class Reference

#include <serialize.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Type (const Anope::string &n, unserialize_func f, Module *owner=NULL)
 ~Type ()
const Anope::stringGetName ()
SerializableUnserialize (Serializable *obj, Serialize::Data &data)
void Check ()
time_t GetTimestamp () const
void UpdateTimestamp ()
ModuleGetOwner () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Serialize::TypeFind (const Anope::string &name)
static const std::vector< Anope::string > & GetTypeOrder ()
static const std::map< Anope::string, Serialize::Type * > & GetTypes ()

Data Fields

std::map< uint64_t, Serializable * > objects

Private Types

typedef Serializable *(* unserialize_func) (Serializable *obj, Serialize::Data &)

Private Attributes

Anope::string name
unserialize_func unserialize
time_t timestamp

Static Private Attributes

static std::vector< Anope::stringTypeOrder
static std::map< Anope::string, Serialize::Type * > Types

Detailed Description

Definition at line 112 of file serialize.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ unserialize_func

typedef Serializable*(* Serialize::unserialize_func) (Serializable *obj, Serialize::Data &)

Definition at line 114 of file serialize.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Type()

Serialize::~Type ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Check()

void Serialize::Check ( )

◆ Find()

static Serialize::Type* Serialize::Find ( const Anope::string name)

Referenced by GetOwner().

◆ GetName()

const Anope::string& Serialize::GetName ( )

Gets the name for this type

The name, eg "NickAlias"

Definition at line 148 of file serialize.h.

References Check(), GetTimestamp(), name, Unserialize(), and UpdateTimestamp().

◆ GetOwner()

Module* Serialize::GetOwner ( ) const

Definition at line 171 of file serialize.h.

References Find(), GetTypeOrder(), GetTypes(), owner, and Type().

◆ GetTimestamp()

time_t Serialize::GetTimestamp ( ) const

Gets the timestamp for the object type. That is, the time we know all objects of this type are updated at least to.

Referenced by GetName().

◆ GetTypeOrder()

static const std::vector<Anope::string>& Serialize::GetTypeOrder ( )

Referenced by GetOwner().

◆ GetTypes()

static const std::map<Anope::string, Serialize::Type *>& Serialize::GetTypes ( )

Referenced by GetOwner().

◆ Type()

Serialize::Type ( const Anope::string n,
unserialize_func  f,
Module owner = NULL 

◆ Unserialize()

Serializable* Serialize::Unserialize ( Serializable obj,
Serialize::Data data 

Unserialized an object.

objNULL if this object doesn't yet exist. If this isn't NULL, instead update the contents of this object.
dataThe data to unserialize
The unserialized object. If obj != NULL this should be obj.

Referenced by GetName().

◆ UpdateTimestamp()

void Serialize::UpdateTimestamp ( )

Bumps object type timestamp to current time

Referenced by GetName().

Field Documentation

◆ name

Anope::string Serialize::name

Definition at line 120 of file serialize.h.

Referenced by GetName().

◆ objects

std::map<uint64_t, Serializable *> Serialize::objects

Definition at line 135 of file serialize.h.

◆ owner

Module* Serialize::owner

Definition at line 125 of file serialize.h.

Referenced by GetOwner().

◆ timestamp

time_t Serialize::timestamp

Definition at line 131 of file serialize.h.

◆ TypeOrder

std::vector<Anope::string> Serialize::TypeOrder

Definition at line 116 of file serialize.h.

◆ Types

std::map<Anope::string, Serialize::Type *> Serialize::Types

Definition at line 117 of file serialize.h.

◆ unserialize

unserialize_func Serialize::unserialize

Definition at line 121 of file serialize.h.

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