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Message::Join Struct Reference

#include <messages.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::pair< ChannelStatus, User * > SJoinUser

Public Member Functions

 Join (Module *creator, const Anope::string &mname="JOIN")
void Run (MessageSource &source, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params) anope_override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRCDMessage
 IRCDMessage (Module *owner, const Anope::string &n, unsigned p=0)
unsigned GetParamCount () const
void SetFlag (IRCDMessageFlag f)
bool HasFlag (IRCDMessageFlag f) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Service
 Service (Module *o, const Anope::string &t, const Anope::string &n)
virtual ~Service ()
void Register ()
void Unregister ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Base
 Base ()
virtual ~Base ()
void AddReference (ReferenceBase *r)
void DelReference (ReferenceBase *r)

Static Public Member Functions

static void SJoin (MessageSource &source, const Anope::string &chan, time_t ts, const Anope::string &modes, const std::list< SJoinUser > &users)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Service
static ServiceFindService (const Anope::string &t, const Anope::string &n)
static std::vector< Anope::stringGetServiceKeys (const Anope::string &t)
static void AddAlias (const Anope::string &t, const Anope::string &n, const Anope::string &v)
static void DelAlias (const Anope::string &t, const Anope::string &n)

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from Service
Anope::string type
Anope::string name

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file messages.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ SJoinUser

Definition at line 57 of file messages.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Join()

Message::Join::Join ( Module creator,
const Anope::string mname = "JOIN" 

Definition at line 53 of file messages.h.


Member Function Documentation

◆ Run()

void Join::Run ( MessageSource source,
const std::vector< Anope::string > &  params 

◆ SJoin()

void Join::SJoin ( MessageSource source,
const Anope::string chan,
time_t  ts,
const Anope::string modes,
const std::list< SJoinUser > &  users 

Handle a SJOIN.

sourceThe source of the SJOIN
chanThe channel the users are joining to
tsThe TS for the channel
modesThe modes sent with the SJOIN, if any
usersThe users and their status, if any

Definition at line 97 of file messages.cpp.

References Channel::CheckDelete(), Channel::CheckKick(), Channel::creation_time, Anope::CurTime, Anope::string::empty(), Channel::FindOrCreate(), Channel::FindUser(), FOREACH_MOD, MessageSource::GetServer(), Server::IsSynced(), Channel::JoinUser(), Me, Channel::Reset(), Channel::SetCorrectModes(), Channel::SetModesInternal(), Channel::Sync(), and Channel::syncing.

Referenced by IRCDMessageSJoin::Run(), IRCDMessageNJoin::Run(), and IRCDMessageFJoin::Run().

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