Anope IRC Services  Version 2.0
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Anope Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  ascii_ctype
struct  compare
struct  hash_ci
struct  hash_cs
class  hash_map
class  map
class  multimap
class  rfc1459_ctype
class  string


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const string &_str)
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &is, string &_str)
const string operator+ (char chr, const string &str)
const string operator+ (const char *_str, const string &str)
const string operator+ (const std::string &_str, const string &str)
CoreExport string Version ()
CoreExport string VersionShort ()
CoreExport string VersionBuildString ()
CoreExport int VersionMajor ()
CoreExport int VersionMinor ()
CoreExport int VersionPatch ()
bool AtTerm ()
void Fork ()
void HandleSignal ()
void Init (int ac, char **av)
CoreExport void SaveDatabases ()
CoreExport bool Match (const string &str, const string &mask, bool case_sensitive=false, bool use_regex=false)
CoreExport string Hex (const string &data)
CoreExport string Hex (const char *data, unsigned len)
CoreExport void Unhex (const string &src, string &dest)
CoreExport void Unhex (const string &src, char *dest, size_t sz)
CoreExport void B64Encode (const string &src, string &target)
CoreExport void B64Decode (const string &src, string &target)
CoreExport void Encrypt (const Anope::string &src, Anope::string &dest)
CoreExport bool Decrypt (const Anope::string &src, Anope::string &dest)
CoreExport string printf (const char *fmt,...)
CoreExport int LastErrorCode ()
CoreExport const string LastError ()
CoreExport bool IsFile (const Anope::string &file)
CoreExport time_t DoTime (const Anope::string &s)
CoreExport Anope::string Duration (time_t seconds, const NickCore *nc=NULL)
CoreExport Anope::string Expires (time_t seconds, const NickCore *nc=NULL)
CoreExport Anope::string strftime (time_t t, const NickCore *nc=NULL, bool short_output=false)
CoreExport Anope::string NormalizeBuffer (const Anope::string &)
void Process (const Anope::string &)
Anope::string Resolve (const Anope::string &host, int type)
CoreExport Anope::string Random (size_t len)
void CaseMapRebuild ()
unsigned char tolower (unsigned char)
unsigned char toupper (unsigned char)


static const char *const compiled = __TIME__ " " __DATE__
CoreExport time_t StartTime = time(NULL)
int ReturnValue = 0
sig_atomic_t Signal = 0
CoreExport bool Quitting = false
CoreExport bool Restarting = false
CoreExport Anope::string QuitReason
CoreExport time_t CurTime = time(NULL)
CoreExport int Debug = 0
CoreExport bool ReadOnly = false
CoreExport bool NoFork = false
CoreExport bool NoThird = false
CoreExport bool NoExpire = false
CoreExport bool ProtocolDebug = false
CoreExport Anope::string ServicesDir
CoreExport Anope::string ServicesBin
CoreExport Anope::string ConfigDir = "conf"
CoreExport Anope::string DataDir = "data"
CoreExport Anope::string ModuleDir = "lib"
CoreExport Anope::string LocaleDir = "locale"
CoreExport Anope::string LogDir = "logs"
CoreExport int CurrentUplink = -1
std::locale casemap = std::locale(std::locale(), new Anope::ascii_ctype<char>())

Function Documentation

◆ AtTerm()

bool Anope::AtTerm ( )

Determines if we are still attached to the terminal, and can print messages to the user via stderr/stdout.

true if still attached

Definition at line 98 of file init.cpp.

Referenced by Init(), Server::Sync(), and UplinkSocket::~UplinkSocket().

◆ B64Decode()

void Anope::B64Decode ( const string src,
Anope::string target 

◆ B64Encode()

void Anope::B64Encode ( const string src,
Anope::string target 

Base 64 encode a string

srcThe string to encode
targetWhere the encoded string is placed

Definition at line 82 of file base64.cpp.

References Anope::string::clear(), Anope::string::length(), and Pad64.

Referenced by ENone::OnEncrypt(), DHBS::ProcessMessage(), and DHAES::ProcessMessage().

◆ CaseMapRebuild()

void Anope::CaseMapRebuild ( )

Definition at line 20 of file hashcomp.cpp.

References case_map_upper, and casemap.

Referenced by Configuration::Conf::Conf(), and main().

◆ Decrypt()

bool Anope::Decrypt ( const Anope::string src,
Anope::string dest 

Decrypts what is in 'src' to 'dest'.

srcThe source string to decrypt
destThe destination where the decrypted string is placed
true if decryption was successful. This is usually not the case as most encryption methods we use are one way.

Definition at line 518 of file misc.cpp.

References Anope::string::begin(), EVENT_ALLOW, Anope::string::find(), FOREACH_RESULT, hashm, and Anope::string::npos.

Referenced by CommandNSGetPass::Execute(), CommandNSRegister::Execute(), CommandNSSetPassword::Execute(), CommandNSSASetPassword::Execute(), and NSGetPass::NSGetPass().

◆ DoTime()

time_t Anope::DoTime ( const Anope::string s)

◆ Duration()

Anope::string Anope::Duration ( time_t  seconds,
const NickCore nc = NULL 

Retrieves a human readable string representing the time in seconds

secondsThe time on seconds, eg 60
ncThe account to use language settings for to translate this string, if applicable
A human readable string, eg "1 minute"

Definition at line 315 of file misc.cpp.

References _, stringify(), and Language::Translate().

Referenced by CommandOSAKill::DoAdd(), CommandOSIgnore::DoAdd(), CommandOSStats::DoStatsUptime(), CommandCSBan::Execute(), CommandBSSetBanExpire::Execute(), CommandSeen::Execute(), CommandOSSNLine::OnAdd(), CommandOSSQLine::OnAdd(), NSRegister::OnNickIdentify(), CommandSeen::SimpleSeen(), strftime(), and NickServCore::Validate().

◆ Encrypt()

void Anope::Encrypt ( const Anope::string src,
Anope::string dest 

◆ Expires()

Anope::string Anope::Expires ( time_t  seconds,
const NickCore nc = NULL 

Generates a human readable string of type "expires in ..."

expirestime in seconds
ncThe account to use language settings for to translate this string, if applicable
A human readable string, eg "expires in 5 days"

Definition at line 371 of file misc.cpp.

References _, CurTime, NO_EXPIRE, and Language::Translate().

Referenced by CommandOSIgnore::DoList(), WebCPanel::OperServ::Akill::OnRequest(), CommandOSSXLineBase::ProcessList(), CommandOSAKill::ProcessList(), and CommandOSException::ProcessList().

◆ Fork()

void Anope::Fork ( )

Used to "fork" the process and go into the background during initial startup while we are AtTerm(). The actual fork is not done here, but earlier, and this simply notifys the parent via kill() to exit().

Definition at line 103 of file init.cpp.

Referenced by Server::Sync().

◆ HandleSignal()

void Anope::HandleSignal ( )

Does something with the signal in Anope::Signal

Definition at line 118 of file init.cpp.

References Config, CoreException::GetReason(), QuitReason, Quitting, SaveDatabases(), SIGHUP, Signal, and stringify().

Referenced by main().

◆ Hex() [1/2]

Anope::string Anope::Hex ( const string data)

Converts a string to hex

thedata to be converted
a anope::string containing the hex value

Definition at line 546 of file misc.cpp.

References Anope::string::length().

Referenced by ESHA256::GetIVString(), EOld::OnEncrypt(), ESHA1::OnEncrypt(), ESHA256::OnEncrypt(), EMD5::OnEncrypt(), and HTTPUtils::URLEncode().

◆ Hex() [2/2]

Anope::string Anope::Hex ( const char *  data,
unsigned  len 

Definition at line 561 of file misc.cpp.

◆ Init()

void Anope::Init ( int  ac,
char **  av 

◆ IsFile()

bool Anope::IsFile ( const Anope::string file)

◆ LastError()

const Anope::string Anope::LastError ( )

◆ LastErrorCode()

int Anope::LastErrorCode ( )

Return the last error code

The error code

Definition at line 597 of file misc.cpp.

Referenced by SSLSocketIO::Connect(), and SSLModule::OnPreServerConnect().

◆ Match()

bool Anope::Match ( const string str,
const string mask,
bool  case_sensitive = false,
bool  use_regex = false 

Check whether two strings match.

strThe string to check against the pattern (e.g. foobar)
maskThe pattern to check (e.g. foo*bar)
case_sensitiveWhether or not the match is case sensitive, default false.
use_regexWhether or not to try regex. case_sensitive is not used in regex.

Definition at line 407 of file misc.cpp.

References RegexProvider::Compile(), Regex::GetExpression(), CoreException::GetReason(), Anope::string::length(), LOG_DEBUG, Regex::Matches(), Anope::string::npos, Anope::string::substr(), and tolower().

Referenced by XLineManager::CanAdd(), SGLineManager::Check(), SQLineManager::Check(), SNLineManager::Check(), SQLineManager::CheckChannel(), CommandCSAKick::DoAdd(), CommandNSAccess::DoList(), CommandBSBadwords::DoList(), CommandCSFlags::DoList(), CommandCSXOP::DoList(), CommandCSMode::DoSet(), CommandOSChanList::Execute(), CommandHSList::Execute(), CommandNSList::Execute(), CommandCSList::Execute(), CommandCSKick::Execute(), CommandOSLogSearch::Execute(), CommandCSBan::Execute(), CommandOSUserList::Execute(), OSIgnoreService::Find(), MySessionService::FindException(), MyForbidService::FindForbid(), OperType::HasCommand(), MemoInfo::HasIgnore(), OperType::HasPriv(), LogInfo::HasType(), NickCore::IsOnAccess(), User::IsServicesOper(), ChanAccess::Matches(), InspIRCdExtban::RealnameMatcher::Matches(), InspIRCdExtban::ServerMatcher::Matches(), InspIRCdExtban::FinerprintMatcher::Matches(), Entry::Matches(), InspIRCdExtBan::Matches(), UnrealExtban::RealnameMatcher::Matches(), UnrealExtban::AccountMatcher::Matches(), CommandOSSQLine::OnAdd(), CommandOSSXLineBase::ProcessList(), CommandCSAKick::ProcessList(), CommandOSAKill::ProcessList(), CommandCSAccess::ProcessList(), CommandOSException::ProcessList(), and IRCDMessageEncap::Run().

◆ NormalizeBuffer()

Anope::string Anope::NormalizeBuffer ( const Anope::string buf)

Normalize buffer, stripping control characters and colors

Astring to be parsed for control and color codes
A string stripped of control and color codes

Definition at line 664 of file misc.cpp.

References Anope::string::length().

Referenced by IRC2SQL::OnBotNotice(), BSKick::OnPrivmsg(), and IRCDProto::SendCTCPInternal().

◆ operator+() [1/3]

const string Anope::operator+ ( char  chr,
const string str 

Definition at line 308 of file anope.h.

Referenced by Anope::string::operator+().

◆ operator+() [2/3]

const string Anope::operator+ ( const char *  _str,
const string str 

Definition at line 309 of file anope.h.

◆ operator+() [3/3]

const string Anope::operator+ ( const std::string &  _str,
const string str 

Definition at line 310 of file anope.h.

◆ operator<<()

std::ostream& Anope::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const string _str 

Stream insertion operator, must be friend because they cannot be inside the class.

Definition at line 304 of file anope.h.

References Anope::string::_string.

Referenced by Anope::string::operator[]().

◆ operator>>()

std::istream& Anope::operator>> ( std::istream &  is,
string _str 

Definition at line 306 of file anope.h.

References Anope::string::_string.

Referenced by Anope::string::operator[]().

◆ printf()

Anope::string Anope::printf ( const char *  fmt,

◆ Process()

void Anope::Process ( const Anope::string buffer)

◆ Random()

Anope::string Anope::Random ( size_t  len)

Generate a string of random letters and numbers

lenThe length of the string returned

Definition at line 754 of file misc.cpp.

References Anope::string::append().

Referenced by CommandNSSetEmail::SendConfirmMail(), SendRegmail(), and SendResetEmail().

◆ Resolve()

Anope::string Anope::Resolve ( const Anope::string host,
int  type 

Does a blocking dns query and returns the first IP.

hosthost to look up
typeinet addr type
the IP if it was found, else the host

Definition at line 730 of file misc.cpp.

References sockaddrs::addr(), Anope::string::c_str(), and LOG_DEBUG_2.

Referenced by Uplink::Connect().

◆ SaveDatabases()

void Anope::SaveDatabases ( )

Calls the save database event

Definition at line 67 of file main.cpp.

References FOREACH_MOD, LOG_DEBUG, and ReadOnly.

Referenced by CommandOSUpdate::Execute(), CommandOSRestart::Execute(), CommandOSShutdown::Execute(), HandleSignal(), and UpdateTimer::Tick().

◆ strftime()

Anope::string Anope::strftime ( time_t  t,
const NickCore nc = NULL,
bool  short_output = false 

Converts a time in seconds (epoch) to a human readable format.

tThe time
ncThe account to use language settings for to translate this string, if applicable
short_outputIf true, the output is just a date (eg, "Apr 12 20:18:22 2009 MSD"), else it includes the date and how long ago/from now that date is, (eg "Apr 12 20:18:22 2009 MSD (1313 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes ago)"

Definition at line 356 of file misc.cpp.

References _, BUFSIZE, CurTime, Duration(), printf(), and Language::Translate().

Referenced by alog(), BuildDate(), CommandOSLogSearch::CreateLogName(), CreateLogName(), OSNews::DisplayNews(), CommandEntryMessage::DoList(), NewsBase::DoList(), CommandCSFlags::DoList(), CommandCSMode::DoLock(), MemoListCallback::DoRead(), CommandOSStats::DoStatsUptime(), CommandMSList::Execute(), CommandHSList::Execute(), CommandOSModInfo::Execute(), CommandMSCheck::Execute(), CommandNSInfo::Execute(), CommandCSInfo::Execute(), CommandBSInfo::Execute(), CommandCSSuspend::Execute(), CommandNSSuspend::Execute(), CommandOSSeen::Execute(), CommandOSForbid::Execute(), CommandSeen::Execute(), CommandNSGList::Execute(), CommandHSWaiting::Execute(), get_logname(), GetTimeStamp(), CSSuspend::OnChanInfo(), ChanServCore::OnChanInfo(), CSSeen::OnExpireTick(), OSInfo::OnInfo(), NSSuspend::OnNickInfo(), NickServCore::OnNickInfo(), WebCPanel::NickServ::Info::OnRequest(), WebCPanel::OperServ::Akill::OnRequest(), WebCPanel::MemoServ::Memos::OnRequest(), WebCPanel::ChanServ::Set::OnRequest(), CommandOSSXLineBase::ProcessList(), CommandCSAKick::ProcessList(), CommandOSAKill::ProcessList(), CommandCSAccess::ProcessList(), CommandOSException::ProcessList(), and Message::Time::Run().

◆ tolower()

unsigned char Anope::tolower ( unsigned char  c)

Definition at line 31 of file hashcomp.cpp.

Referenced by Anope::string::lower(), Match(), and Unhex().

◆ toupper()

unsigned char Anope::toupper ( unsigned char  c)

Definition at line 36 of file hashcomp.cpp.

Referenced by Anope::string::upper().

◆ Unhex() [1/2]

void Anope::Unhex ( const string src,
Anope::string dest 

Converts a string from hex

srcThe data to be converted
destThe destination string

Definition at line 575 of file misc.cpp.

References Anope::string::length(), and tolower().

Referenced by ESHA256::GetIVFromPass(), Unhex(), and HTTPUtils::URLDecode().

◆ Unhex() [2/2]

void Anope::Unhex ( const string src,
char *  dest,
size_t  sz 

Definition at line 589 of file misc.cpp.

References Anope::string::c_str(), Anope::string::length(), and Unhex().

◆ Version()

Anope::string Anope::Version ( )

Various methods to determine the Anope version running

Definition at line 625 of file misc.cpp.

References stringify().

Referenced by Init(), Module::Module(), Message::Privmsg::Run(), Message::Version::Run(), and InspIRCd12Proto::SendBOB().

◆ VersionBuildString()

Anope::string Anope::VersionBuildString ( )

◆ VersionMajor()

int Anope::VersionMajor ( )

Definition at line 660 of file misc.cpp.

Referenced by ModuleManager::LoadModule(), and ModuleManager::RequireVersion().

◆ VersionMinor()

int Anope::VersionMinor ( )

Definition at line 661 of file misc.cpp.

Referenced by ModuleManager::LoadModule(), and ModuleManager::RequireVersion().

◆ VersionPatch()

int Anope::VersionPatch ( )

Definition at line 662 of file misc.cpp.

Referenced by ModuleManager::LoadModule(), and ModuleManager::RequireVersion().

◆ VersionShort()

Anope::string Anope::VersionShort ( )

Variable Documentation

◆ casemap

std::locale Anope::casemap = std::locale(std::locale(), new Anope::ascii_ctype<char>())

Definition at line 15 of file hashcomp.cpp.

Referenced by CaseMapRebuild(), and Configuration::Conf::Conf().

◆ compiled

const char* const Anope::compiled = __TIME__ " " __DATE__

Definition at line 340 of file anope.h.

Referenced by VersionBuildString().

◆ ConfigDir

Anope::string Anope::ConfigDir = "conf"

Various directory paths. These can be set at runtime by command line args

Definition at line 33 of file init.cpp.

Referenced by Configuration::File::Open().

◆ CurrentUplink

int Anope::CurrentUplink = -1

◆ CurTime

time_t Anope::CurTime = time(NULL)

The current system time, which is pretty close to being accurate. Use this unless you need very specific time checks

Definition at line 41 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by ChannelInfo::AccessFor(), LDAPService::Add(), DBFlatFile::BackupDatabase(), User::BadPassword(), ProxyConnect::Ban(), LDAPService::Bind(), BotInfo::BotInfo(), BuildDate(), User::ChangeNick(), Channel::ChangeTopic(), Channel::ChangeTopicInternal(), ChannelInfo::ChannelInfo(), XLineManager::CheckAllXLines(), DBMySQL::CheckSQL(), NickServCore::Collide(), LDAPService::Del(), CommandOSAKill::DoAdd(), CommandCSAccess::DoAdd(), CommandCSXOP::DoAdd(), NewsBase::DoAdd(), CommandOSIgnore::DoAdd(), CommandOSException::DoAdd(), CommandOSIgnore::DoList(), CommandCSFlags::DoModify(), MyXMLRPCEvent::DoStats(), CommandOSStats::DoStatsUptime(), CommandNSUpdate::Execute(), CommandBSSay::Execute(), CommandOSSVSNick::Execute(), CommandNSInfo::Execute(), CommandOSChanKill::Execute(), CommandOSLogSearch::Execute(), CommandCSSuspend::Execute(), CommandNSSuspend::Execute(), CommandHSRequest::Execute(), CommandNSGroup::Execute(), CommandBSAct::Execute(), CommandOSInfo::Execute(), CommandCSLog::Execute(), CommandNSRegister::Execute(), CommandOSSeen::Execute(), CommandOSForbid::Execute(), CommandSeen::Execute(), CommandNSResend::Execute(), Expires(), OSIgnoreService::Find(), GetChangeEvent(), MyForbidService::GetForbids(), Serializable::GetItems(), GetTimeStamp(), User::Identify(), Serializable::IsTSCached(), LoadChannels(), main(), LDAPService::Modify(), Module::Module(), NickAlias::NickAlias(), CommandOSSNLine::OnAdd(), CommandOSSQLine::OnAdd(), ChanServCore::OnChanInfo(), ChanServCore::OnChannelModeSet(), CSTopic::OnChannelSync(), CSLog::OnChanRegistered(), OSForbid::OnCheckKick(), CSAKick::OnCheckKick(), ModuleDNS::OnDnsRequest(), ChanServCore::OnExpireTick(), CSSeen::OnExpireTick(), NickServCore::OnExpireTick(), OSSession::OnExpireTick(), Greet::OnJoinChannel(), CSLog::OnLog(), DNSBLResolver::OnLookupComplete(), NSRegister::OnNickIdentify(), NickServCore::OnNickInfo(), CSSuspend::OnPreChanExpire(), NSResetPass::OnPreCommand(), NSSuspend::OnPreNickExpire(), NSRegister::OnPreNickExpire(), ModuleDNS::OnPreUserLogoff(), BSKick::OnPrivmsg(), WebCPanel::ChanServ::Access::OnRequest(), DBMySQL::OnSerializeCheck(), NSGroupRequest::OnSuccess(), NSRecoverRequest::OnSuccess(), OSStats::OnUserConnect(), OSDefcon::OnUserConnect(), OSSession::OnUserConnect(), NickServCore::OnUserQuit(), SocketEngine::Process(), LogInfo::ProcessMessage(), BanData::purge(), LDAPService::Reconnect(), Channel::RemoveMode(), Message::Join::Run(), Message::Kill::Run(), Message::Stats::Run(), Message::Topic::Run(), Message::Whois::Run(), IRCDMessageEUID::Run(), IRCDMessageChaninfo::Run(), IRCDMessageSJoin::Run(), IRCDMessageNick::Run(), IRCDMessageTopic::Run(), IRCDMessageTBurst::Run(), IRCDMessageNetInfo::Run(), IRCDMessageFJoin::Run(), IRCDMessageFTopic::Run(), IRCDMessageIdle::Run(), IRCDMessageTime::Run(), IRCDMessageUID::Run(), DBSQL::RunBackground(), LDAPService::Search(), Mail::Send(), MemoServCore::Send(), InspIRCd12Proto::SendAddLine(), ngIRCdProto::SendAkill(), UnrealIRCdProto::SendAkill(), HybridProto::SendAkill(), InspIRCd12Proto::SendAkill(), BahamutIRCdProto::SendAkill(), InspIRCd12Proto::SendBOB(), RatboxProto::SendConnect(), CharybdisProto::SendConnect(), PlexusProto::SendConnect(), HybridProto::SendConnect(), BahamutIRCdProto::SendConnect(), IRCDProto::SendNickChange(), SendResetEmail(), HybridProto::SendSQLine(), InspIRCd12Proto::SendSQLine(), UnrealIRCdProto::SendSVSHold(), HybridProto::SendSVSHold(), InspIRCd12Proto::SendSVSLogin(), HybridProto::SendSZLine(), BahamutIRCdProto::SendSZLine(), UnrealIRCdProto::SendSZLine(), InspIRCd12Proto::SendSZLine(), InspIRCd12Proto::SendTopic(), CommandCSTopic::Set(), Channel::SetMode(), Channel::SetModesInternal(), Timer::SetSecs(), CommandSeen::SimpleSeen(), Message::Join::SJoin(), strftime(), ModuleProxyScan::ConnectionTimeout::Tick(), SASLService::Tick(), MyHTTPProvider::Tick(), LDAPService::Timeout(), MyManager::UpdateSerial(), Serializable::UpdateTS(), CSSeen::UpdateUser(), User::User(), UserData::UserData(), NickServCore::Validate(), and ModeLocks::~ModeLocks().

◆ DataDir

Anope::string Anope::DataDir = "data"

◆ Debug

int Anope::Debug = 0

◆ LocaleDir

Anope::string Anope::LocaleDir = "locale"

Definition at line 33 of file init.cpp.

Referenced by Init(), Language::InitLanguages(), and Module::Module().

◆ LogDir

Anope::string Anope::LogDir = "logs"

Definition at line 33 of file init.cpp.

Referenced by CommandOSLogSearch::CreateLogName(), CreateLogName(), and Init().

◆ ModuleDir

Anope::string Anope::ModuleDir = "lib"

Definition at line 33 of file init.cpp.

Referenced by Init(), and ModuleManager::LoadModule().

◆ NoExpire

bool Anope::NoExpire = false

◆ NoFork

bool Anope::NoFork = false

Definition at line 28 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by Init(), Server::Sync(), and Log::~Log().

◆ NoThird

bool Anope::NoThird = false

Definition at line 28 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by Init(), and Module::Module().

◆ ProtocolDebug

bool Anope::ProtocolDebug = false

Definition at line 28 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by Init(), and Process().

◆ QuitReason

Anope::string Anope::QuitReason

◆ Quitting

bool Anope::Quitting = false

◆ ReadOnly

bool Anope::ReadOnly = false

Other comand line options.

Definition at line 28 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by CommandOSDNS::AddIP(), CommandOSDNS::AddServer(), CommandOSDNS::AddZone(), CommandBSKickBase::CheckArguments(), DBMySQL::CheckSQL(), CommandOSDNS::DelIP(), CommandOSDNS::DelServer(), CommandOSDNS::DelZone(), CommandNSAccess::DoAdd(), CommandOSAKill::DoAdd(), CommandCSXOP::DoAdd(), NewsBase::DoAdd(), CommandOSIgnore::DoAdd(), CommandOSException::DoAdd(), CommandOSIgnore::DoClear(), CommandOSAKill::DoClear(), CommandCSXOP::DoClear(), CommandNSAccess::DoDel(), NewsBase::DoDel(), CommandOSAKill::DoDel(), CommandCSXOP::DoDel(), CommandOSIgnore::DoDel(), CommandOSException::DoDel(), CommandOSSet::DoList(), CommandCSMode::DoLock(), CommandOSException::DoMove(), CommandOSSet::DoSetReadOnly(), CommandNSDrop::Execute(), CommandCSDrop::Execute(), CommandCSRegister::Execute(), CommandBSSetGreet::Execute(), CommandHSDel::Execute(), CommandHSSet::Execute(), CommandBSAssign::Execute(), CommandBSSetFantasy::Execute(), CommandMSCancel::Execute(), CommandCSSetKeepTopic::Execute(), CommandCSClone::Execute(), CommandMSIgnore::Execute(), CommandMSSend::Execute(), CommandMSRSend::Execute(), CommandHSGroup::Execute(), CommandMSDel::Execute(), CommandCSSuspend::Execute(), CommandHSDelAll::Execute(), CommandNSSuspend::Execute(), CommandCSSetAutoOp::Execute(), CommandOSOper::Execute(), CommandBSSetBanExpire::Execute(), CommandNSGroup::Execute(), CommandHSRequest::Execute(), CommandBSUnassign::Execute(), CommandCSSetMisc::Execute(), CommandOSInfo::Execute(), CommandCSLog::Execute(), CommandNSRegister::Execute(), CommandNSSetPassword::Execute(), CommandHSSetAll::Execute(), CommandCSSetBanType::Execute(), CommandOSForbid::Execute(), CommandBSSetPrivate::Execute(), CommandCSUnSuspend::Execute(), CommandBSSetNoBot::Execute(), CommandNSUnSuspend::Execute(), CommandNSSASetPassword::Execute(), CommandCSSetPrivate::Execute(), CommandHSActivate::Execute(), CommandEntryMessage::Execute(), CommandCSSetDescription::Execute(), CommandMSSet::Execute(), CommandNSAJoin::Execute(), CommandHSReject::Execute(), CommandBSBot::Execute(), CommandNSCert::Execute(), CommandCSSetFounder::Execute(), CommandCSSetKeepModes::Execute(), CommandBSBadwords::Execute(), CommandCSFlags::Execute(), CommandCSSetPeace::Execute(), CommandCSAKick::Execute(), CommandCSSetPersist::Execute(), CommandCSAccess::Execute(), CommandCSSetRestricted::Execute(), CommandCSSetSecure::Execute(), CommandCSLevels::Execute(), CommandCSSetSecureFounder::Execute(), CommandBSSetDontKickOps::Execute(), CommandCSSetSecureOps::Execute(), CommandBSSetDontKickVoices::Execute(), CommandCSSetSignKick::Execute(), CommandCSSetSuccessor::Execute(), CommandCSSetNoexpire::Execute(), CommandNSSASetNoexpire::Execute(), Init(), CommandCSTopic::Lock(), CommandOSSNLine::OnAdd(), CommandOSSQLine::OnAdd(), CommandOSSXLineBase::OnClear(), CommandOSSXLineBase::OnDel(), CommandOSDNS::OnDepool(), ChanServCore::OnExpireTick(), NickServCore::OnExpireTick(), BSAssign::OnInvite(), CommandOSDNS::OnPool(), NSResetPass::OnPreCommand(), CommandOSDNS::OnSet(), rsend_notify(), CommandNSSetGreet::Run(), CommandNSSetMisc::Run(), CommandNSSetHide::Run(), CommandNSSetPrivate::Run(), CommandNSSetAutoOp::Run(), CommandNSSetDisplay::Run(), CommandNSSetEmail::Run(), CommandNSSetKeepModes::Run(), CommandNSSetKill::Run(), CommandNSSetLanguage::Run(), CommandNSSetMessage::Run(), CommandNSSetSecure::Run(), SaveDatabases(), and CommandCSTopic::Unlock().

◆ Restarting

bool Anope::Restarting = false

Definition at line 35 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by CommandOSRestart::Execute(), and main().

◆ ReturnValue

int Anope::ReturnValue = 0

The value to return from main()

Definition at line 32 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by Init(), main(), parent_signal_handler(), and UplinkSocket::~UplinkSocket().

◆ ServicesBin

Anope::string Anope::ServicesBin

Services binary name (eg services)

Definition at line 30 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by Init(), and main().

◆ ServicesDir

Anope::string Anope::ServicesDir

The root of the services installation. Usually ~/services

Definition at line 29 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by Init().

◆ Signal

sig_atomic_t Anope::Signal = 0

Definition at line 33 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by HandleSignal(), main(), and SignalHandler().

◆ StartTime

time_t Anope::StartTime = time(NULL)

The time Anope started.

Definition at line 40 of file main.cpp.

Referenced by MyXMLRPCEvent::DoStats(), CommandOSStats::DoStatsUptime(), Message::Stats::Run(), and IRCDMessageIdle::Run().