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GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 X509CertCredentials (const Anope::string &certfile, const Anope::string &keyfile)
 ~X509CertCredentials ()
void SetupSession (gnutls_session_t sess)
void SetDH (const Anope::string &dhfile)
bool HasDH () const
void incrref ()
void decrref ()

Data Fields

X509CertList certs
X509Key key

Static Private Member Functions

static Anope::string LoadFile (const Anope::string &filename)
static int cert_callback (gnutls_session_t sess, const gnutls_datum_t *req_ca_rdn, int nreqs, const gnutls_pk_algorithm_t *sign_algos, int sign_algos_length, gnutls_retr_st *st)

Private Attributes

unsigned int refcount
gnutls_certificate_credentials_t cred
DHParams dh

Detailed Description

Definition at line 225 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ X509CertCredentials()

GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::X509CertCredentials ( const Anope::string certfile,
const Anope::string keyfile 

◆ ~X509CertCredentials()

GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::~X509CertCredentials ( )

Definition at line 268 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cert_callback()

int GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::cert_callback ( gnutls_session_t  sess,
const gnutls_datum_t *  req_ca_rdn,
int  nreqs,
const gnutls_pk_algorithm_t *  sign_algos,
int  sign_algos_length,
gnutls_retr_st *  st 

◆ decrref()

void GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::decrref ( )

◆ HasDH()

bool GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::HasDH ( ) const

Definition at line 286 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

References GnuTLS::DHParams::get().

◆ incrref()

void GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::incrref ( )

Definition at line 291 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

Referenced by GnuTLSModule::OnReload(), and SSLSocketIO::SSLSocketIO().

◆ LoadFile()

static Anope::string GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::LoadFile ( const Anope::string filename)

Definition at line 231 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

References Anope::string::c_str().

◆ SetDH()

void GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::SetDH ( const Anope::string dhfile)

Definition at line 279 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

References GnuTLS::DHParams::get(), and GnuTLS::DHParams::Import().

Referenced by GnuTLSModule::OnReload().

◆ SetupSession()

void GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::SetupSession ( gnutls_session_t  sess)

Definition at line 273 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

Referenced by SSLSocketIO::Accept(), and SSLSocketIO::FinishConnect().

Field Documentation

◆ certs

X509CertList GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::certs

Definition at line 245 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

Referenced by cert_callback().

◆ cred

gnutls_certificate_credentials_t GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::cred

Definition at line 228 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

◆ dh

DHParams GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::dh

Definition at line 229 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

◆ key

X509Key GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::key

Definition at line 246 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

Referenced by cert_callback().

◆ refcount

unsigned int GnuTLS::X509CertCredentials::refcount

Definition at line 227 of file m_ssl_gnutls.cpp.

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