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OperServCore Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 OperServCore (const Anope::string &modname, const Anope::string &creator)
 ~OperServCore ()
void OnReload (Configuration::Conf *conf) anope_override
EventReturn OnBotPrivmsg (User *u, BotInfo *bi, Anope::string &message) anope_override
void OnServerQuit (Server *server) anope_override
void OnUserModeSet (const MessageSource &setter, User *u, const Anope::string &mname) anope_override
void OnUserModeUnset (const MessageSource &setter, User *u, const Anope::string &mname) anope_override
void OnUserConnect (User *u, bool &exempt) anope_override
void OnUserNickChange (User *u, const Anope::string &oldnick) anope_override
EventReturn OnCheckKick (User *u, Channel *c, Anope::string &mask, Anope::string &reason) anope_override
EventReturn OnPreHelp (CommandSource &source, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params) anope_override
void OnLog (Log *l) anope_override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Module
 Module (const Anope::string &modname, const Anope::string &loadernick, ModType type=THIRD)
virtual ~Module ()
void SetPermanent (bool state)
bool GetPermanent () const
void SetVersion (const Anope::string &version)
void SetAuthor (const Anope::string &author)
ModuleVersion GetVersion () const
virtual void OnPreUserKicked (const MessageSource &source, ChanUserContainer *cu, const Anope::string &kickmsg)
virtual void OnUserKicked (const MessageSource &source, User *target, const Anope::string &channel, ChannelStatus &status, const Anope::string &kickmsg)
virtual EventReturn OnPreBotAssign (User *sender, ChannelInfo *ci, BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnBotAssign (User *sender, ChannelInfo *ci, BotInfo *bi)
virtual EventReturn OnBotUnAssign (User *sender, ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnNewServer (Server *s)
virtual void OnPostHelp (CommandSource &source, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual EventReturn OnPreCommand (CommandSource &source, Command *command, std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual void OnPostCommand (CommandSource &source, Command *command, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual void OnSaveDatabase ()
virtual EventReturn OnLoadDatabase ()
virtual EventReturn OnEncrypt (const Anope::string &src, Anope::string &dest)
virtual EventReturn OnDecrypt (const Anope::string &hashm, const Anope::string &src, Anope::string &dest)
virtual EventReturn OnBotFantasy (CommandSource &source, Command *c, ChannelInfo *ci, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual EventReturn OnBotNoFantasyAccess (CommandSource &source, Command *c, ChannelInfo *ci, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual void OnBotBan (User *u, ChannelInfo *ci, const Anope::string &mask)
virtual void OnBadWordAdd (ChannelInfo *ci, const BadWord *bw)
virtual void OnBadWordDel (ChannelInfo *ci, const BadWord *bw)
virtual void OnCreateBot (BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnDelBot (BotInfo *bi)
virtual EventReturn OnBotKick (BotInfo *bi, Channel *c, User *u, const Anope::string &reason)
virtual void OnPrePartChannel (User *u, Channel *c)
virtual void OnPartChannel (User *u, Channel *c, const Anope::string &channel, const Anope::string &msg)
virtual void OnLeaveChannel (User *u, Channel *c)
virtual void OnJoinChannel (User *u, Channel *c)
virtual void OnTopicUpdated (Channel *c, const Anope::string &user, const Anope::string &topic)
virtual void OnPreChanExpire (ChannelInfo *ci, bool &expire)
virtual void OnChanExpire (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnPreServerConnect ()
virtual void OnServerConnect ()
virtual void OnPreUplinkSync (Server *serv)
virtual void OnServerDisconnect ()
virtual void OnRestart ()
virtual void OnShutdown ()
virtual void OnPreNickExpire (NickAlias *na, bool &expire)
virtual void OnNickExpire (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnDefconLevel (int level)
virtual EventReturn OnExceptionAdd (Exception *ex)
virtual void OnExceptionDel (CommandSource &source, Exception *ex)
virtual EventReturn OnAddXLine (CommandSource &source, const XLine *x, XLineManager *xlm)
virtual void OnDelXLine (CommandSource &source, const XLine *x, XLineManager *xlm)
virtual EventReturn IsServicesOper (User *u)
virtual void OnUserQuit (User *u, const Anope::string &msg)
virtual void OnPreUserLogoff (User *u)
virtual void OnPostUserLogoff (User *u)
virtual void OnBotCreate (BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnBotChange (BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnBotDelete (BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnAccessDel (ChannelInfo *ci, CommandSource &source, ChanAccess *access)
virtual void OnAccessAdd (ChannelInfo *ci, CommandSource &source, ChanAccess *access)
virtual void OnAccessClear (ChannelInfo *ci, CommandSource &source)
virtual void OnLevelChange (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci, const Anope::string &priv, int16_t what)
virtual EventReturn OnChanDrop (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnChanRegistered (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnChanSuspend (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnChanUnsuspend (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnCreateChan (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnDelChan (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnChannelCreate (Channel *c)
virtual void OnChannelDelete (Channel *c)
virtual void OnAkickAdd (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci, const AutoKick *ak)
virtual void OnAkickDel (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci, const AutoKick *ak)
virtual void OnChanInfo (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci, InfoFormatter &info, bool show_hidden)
virtual EventReturn OnCheckPriv (const ChanAccess *access, const Anope::string &priv)
virtual EventReturn OnGroupCheckPriv (const AccessGroup *group, const Anope::string &priv)
virtual void OnNickDrop (CommandSource &source, NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnNickGroup (User *u, NickAlias *target)
virtual void OnNickIdentify (User *u)
virtual void OnUserLogin (User *u)
virtual void OnNickLogout (User *u)
virtual void OnNickRegister (User *user, NickAlias *na, const Anope::string &pass)
virtual void OnNickSuspend (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnNickUnsuspended (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnDelNick (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnNickCoreCreate (NickCore *nc)
virtual void OnDelCore (NickCore *nc)
virtual void OnChangeCoreDisplay (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &newdisplay)
virtual void OnNickClearAccess (NickCore *nc)
virtual void OnNickAddAccess (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &entry)
virtual void OnNickEraseAccess (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &entry)
virtual void OnNickClearCert (NickCore *nc)
virtual void OnNickAddCert (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &entry)
virtual void OnNickEraseCert (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &entry)
virtual void OnNickInfo (CommandSource &source, NickAlias *na, InfoFormatter &info, bool show_hidden)
virtual void OnBotInfo (CommandSource &source, BotInfo *bi, ChannelInfo *ci, InfoFormatter &info)
virtual void OnCheckAuthentication (User *u, IdentifyRequest *req)
virtual void OnNickUpdate (User *u)
virtual void OnFingerprint (User *u)
virtual void OnUserAway (User *u, const Anope::string &message)
virtual void OnInvite (User *source, Channel *c, User *targ)
virtual void OnDeleteVhost (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnSetVhost (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnSetDisplayedHost (User *)
virtual void OnMemoSend (const Anope::string &source, const Anope::string &target, MemoInfo *mi, Memo *m)
virtual void OnMemoDel (const Anope::string &target, MemoInfo *mi, const Memo *m)
virtual EventReturn OnChannelModeSet (Channel *c, MessageSource &setter, ChannelMode *mode, const Anope::string &param)
virtual EventReturn OnChannelModeUnset (Channel *c, MessageSource &setter, ChannelMode *mode, const Anope::string &param)
virtual void OnChannelModeAdd (ChannelMode *cm)
virtual void OnUserModeAdd (UserMode *um)
virtual EventReturn OnMLock (ChannelInfo *ci, ModeLock *lock)
virtual EventReturn OnUnMLock (ChannelInfo *ci, ModeLock *lock)
virtual void OnModuleLoad (User *u, Module *m)
virtual void OnModuleUnload (User *u, Module *m)
virtual void OnServerSync (Server *s)
virtual void OnUplinkSync (Server *s)
virtual void OnBotNotice (User *u, BotInfo *bi, Anope::string &message)
virtual void OnPrivmsg (User *u, Channel *c, Anope::string &msg)
virtual void OnLogMessage (LogInfo *li, const Log *l, const Anope::string &msg)
virtual void OnDnsRequest (DNS::Query &req, DNS::Query *reply)
virtual void OnCheckModes (Reference< Channel > &c)
virtual void OnChannelSync (Channel *c)
virtual void OnSetCorrectModes (User *user, Channel *chan, AccessGroup &access, bool &give_modes, bool &take_modes)
virtual void OnSerializeCheck (Serialize::Type *)
virtual void OnSerializableConstruct (Serializable *)
virtual void OnSerializableDestruct (Serializable *)
virtual void OnSerializableUpdate (Serializable *)
virtual void OnSerializeTypeCreate (Serialize::Type *)
virtual EventReturn OnSetChannelOption (CommandSource &source, Command *cmd, ChannelInfo *ci, const Anope::string &setting)
virtual EventReturn OnSetNickOption (CommandSource &source, Command *cmd, NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &setting)
virtual EventReturn OnMessage (MessageSource &source, Anope::string &command, std::vector< Anope::string > &param)
virtual EventReturn OnCanSet (User *u, const ChannelMode *cm)
virtual EventReturn OnCheckDelete (Channel *)
virtual void OnExpireTick ()
virtual EventReturn OnNickValidate (User *u, NickAlias *na)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Extensible
virtual ~Extensible ()
template<typename T >
T * GetExt (const Anope::string &name) const
bool HasExt (const Anope::string &name) const
template<typename T >
T * Extend (const Anope::string &name, const T &what)
template<typename T >
T * Extend (const Anope::string &name)
template<typename T >
T * Require (const Anope::string &name)
template<typename T >
void Shrink (const Anope::string &name)
bool * Extend (const Anope::string &name, const bool &what)

Private Attributes

Reference< BotInfoOperServ
SGLineManager sglines
SQLineManager sqlines
SNLineManager snlines

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Extensible
static void ExtensibleSerialize (const Extensible *, const Serializable *, Serialize::Data &data)
static void ExtensibleUnserialize (Extensible *, Serializable *, Serialize::Data &data)
- Data Fields inherited from Module
Anope::string name
ModType type
Anope::string filename
void * handle
time_t created
Anope::string version
Anope::string author
- Data Fields inherited from Extensible
std::set< ExtensibleBase * > extension_items

Detailed Description

Definition at line 170 of file operserv.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OperServCore()

OperServCore::OperServCore ( const Anope::string modname,
const Anope::string creator 

Definition at line 178 of file operserv.cpp.

References XLineManager::RegisterXLineManager().

◆ ~OperServCore()

OperServCore::~OperServCore ( )

Definition at line 188 of file operserv.cpp.

References XLineManager::Clear(), and XLineManager::UnregisterXLineManager().

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnBotPrivmsg()

EventReturn OperServCore::OnBotPrivmsg ( User u,
BotInfo bi,
Anope::string message 

Called when we receive a PRIVMSG for one of our clients

uThe user sending the PRIVMSG
biThe target of the PRIVMSG
messageThe message
EVENT_STOP to halt processing

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 213 of file operserv.cpp.


◆ OnCheckKick()

EventReturn OperServCore::OnCheckKick ( User u,
Channel c,
Anope::string mask,
Anope::string reason 

Called after a user join a channel when we decide whether to kick them or not

uThe user
cThe channel
kickSet to true to kick
maskThe mask to ban, if any
reasonThe reason for the kick
EVENT_STOP to prevent the user from joining by kicking/banning the user

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 255 of file operserv.cpp.

References SQLineManager::CheckChannel(), EVENT_CONTINUE, EVENT_STOP, SQLineManager::OnMatch(), and XLine::reason.

◆ OnLog()

void OperServCore::OnLog ( Log l)

Called when a message is logged

lThe log message

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 276 of file operserv.cpp.


◆ OnPreHelp()

EventReturn OperServCore::OnPreHelp ( CommandSource source,
const std::vector< Anope::string > &  params 

Called when someone uses the generic/help command

sourceCommand source
EVENT_STOP to stop processing

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 268 of file operserv.cpp.

References _, Anope::string::c_str(), EVENT_CONTINUE, and User::nick.

◆ OnReload()

void OperServCore::OnReload ( Configuration::Conf conf)

Called when Services' configuration is being (re)loaded.

confThe config that is being built now and will replace the global Config object
AConfigException to abort the config (re)loading process.

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 199 of file operserv.cpp.

References Anope::string::empty(), BotInfo::Find(), and Service::name.

◆ OnServerQuit()

void OperServCore::OnServerQuit ( Server server)

Called when a server quits

serverThe server

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 225 of file operserv.cpp.

◆ OnUserConnect()

void OperServCore::OnUserConnect ( User u,
bool &  exempt 

Called when a new user connects to the network.

uThe connecting user.
exemptset to true/is true if the user should be excepted from bans etc

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 243 of file operserv.cpp.

References XLineManager::CheckAll().

◆ OnUserModeSet()

void OperServCore::OnUserModeSet ( const MessageSource setter,
User u,
const Anope::string mname 

Called when a mode is set on a user

setterwho/what is setting the mode
uThe user
mnameThe mode name

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 231 of file operserv.cpp.

◆ OnUserModeUnset()

void OperServCore::OnUserModeUnset ( const MessageSource setter,
User u,
const Anope::string mname 

Called when a mode is unset from a user

setterwho/what is setting the mode
uThe user
mnameThe mode name

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 237 of file operserv.cpp.

◆ OnUserNickChange()

void OperServCore::OnUserNickChange ( User u,
const Anope::string oldnick 

Called after a user changed the nick

uThe user.
oldnickThe old nick of the user

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 249 of file operserv.cpp.

References XLineManager::CheckAllXLines().

Field Documentation

◆ OperServ

Reference<BotInfo> OperServCore::OperServ

Definition at line 172 of file operserv.cpp.

◆ sglines

SGLineManager OperServCore::sglines

Definition at line 173 of file operserv.cpp.

◆ snlines

SNLineManager OperServCore::snlines

Definition at line 175 of file operserv.cpp.

◆ sqlines

SQLineManager OperServCore::sqlines

Definition at line 174 of file operserv.cpp.

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