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ProtoInspIRCd12 Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ProtoInspIRCd12 (const Anope::string &modname, const Anope::string &creator)
void OnUserNickChange (User *u, const Anope::string &) anope_override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Module
 Module (const Anope::string &modname, const Anope::string &loadernick, ModType type=THIRD)
virtual ~Module ()
void SetPermanent (bool state)
bool GetPermanent () const
void SetVersion (const Anope::string &version)
void SetAuthor (const Anope::string &author)
ModuleVersion GetVersion () const
virtual void OnPreUserKicked (const MessageSource &source, ChanUserContainer *cu, const Anope::string &kickmsg)
virtual void OnUserKicked (const MessageSource &source, User *target, const Anope::string &channel, ChannelStatus &status, const Anope::string &kickmsg)
virtual void OnReload (Configuration::Conf *conf)
virtual EventReturn OnPreBotAssign (User *sender, ChannelInfo *ci, BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnBotAssign (User *sender, ChannelInfo *ci, BotInfo *bi)
virtual EventReturn OnBotUnAssign (User *sender, ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnUserConnect (User *u, bool &exempt)
virtual void OnNewServer (Server *s)
virtual EventReturn OnPreHelp (CommandSource &source, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual void OnPostHelp (CommandSource &source, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual EventReturn OnPreCommand (CommandSource &source, Command *command, std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual void OnPostCommand (CommandSource &source, Command *command, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual void OnSaveDatabase ()
virtual EventReturn OnLoadDatabase ()
virtual EventReturn OnEncrypt (const Anope::string &src, Anope::string &dest)
virtual EventReturn OnDecrypt (const Anope::string &hashm, const Anope::string &src, Anope::string &dest)
virtual EventReturn OnBotFantasy (CommandSource &source, Command *c, ChannelInfo *ci, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual EventReturn OnBotNoFantasyAccess (CommandSource &source, Command *c, ChannelInfo *ci, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params)
virtual void OnBotBan (User *u, ChannelInfo *ci, const Anope::string &mask)
virtual void OnBadWordAdd (ChannelInfo *ci, const BadWord *bw)
virtual void OnBadWordDel (ChannelInfo *ci, const BadWord *bw)
virtual void OnCreateBot (BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnDelBot (BotInfo *bi)
virtual EventReturn OnBotKick (BotInfo *bi, Channel *c, User *u, const Anope::string &reason)
virtual void OnPrePartChannel (User *u, Channel *c)
virtual void OnPartChannel (User *u, Channel *c, const Anope::string &channel, const Anope::string &msg)
virtual void OnLeaveChannel (User *u, Channel *c)
virtual void OnJoinChannel (User *u, Channel *c)
virtual void OnTopicUpdated (Channel *c, const Anope::string &user, const Anope::string &topic)
virtual void OnPreChanExpire (ChannelInfo *ci, bool &expire)
virtual void OnChanExpire (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnPreServerConnect ()
virtual void OnServerConnect ()
virtual void OnPreUplinkSync (Server *serv)
virtual void OnServerDisconnect ()
virtual void OnRestart ()
virtual void OnShutdown ()
virtual void OnPreNickExpire (NickAlias *na, bool &expire)
virtual void OnNickExpire (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnDefconLevel (int level)
virtual EventReturn OnExceptionAdd (Exception *ex)
virtual void OnExceptionDel (CommandSource &source, Exception *ex)
virtual EventReturn OnAddXLine (CommandSource &source, const XLine *x, XLineManager *xlm)
virtual void OnDelXLine (CommandSource &source, const XLine *x, XLineManager *xlm)
virtual EventReturn IsServicesOper (User *u)
virtual void OnServerQuit (Server *server)
virtual void OnUserQuit (User *u, const Anope::string &msg)
virtual void OnPreUserLogoff (User *u)
virtual void OnPostUserLogoff (User *u)
virtual void OnBotCreate (BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnBotChange (BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnBotDelete (BotInfo *bi)
virtual void OnAccessDel (ChannelInfo *ci, CommandSource &source, ChanAccess *access)
virtual void OnAccessAdd (ChannelInfo *ci, CommandSource &source, ChanAccess *access)
virtual void OnAccessClear (ChannelInfo *ci, CommandSource &source)
virtual void OnLevelChange (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci, const Anope::string &priv, int16_t what)
virtual EventReturn OnChanDrop (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnChanRegistered (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnChanSuspend (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnChanUnsuspend (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnCreateChan (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnDelChan (ChannelInfo *ci)
virtual void OnChannelCreate (Channel *c)
virtual void OnChannelDelete (Channel *c)
virtual void OnAkickAdd (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci, const AutoKick *ak)
virtual void OnAkickDel (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci, const AutoKick *ak)
virtual EventReturn OnCheckKick (User *u, Channel *c, Anope::string &mask, Anope::string &reason)
virtual void OnChanInfo (CommandSource &source, ChannelInfo *ci, InfoFormatter &info, bool show_hidden)
virtual EventReturn OnCheckPriv (const ChanAccess *access, const Anope::string &priv)
virtual EventReturn OnGroupCheckPriv (const AccessGroup *group, const Anope::string &priv)
virtual void OnNickDrop (CommandSource &source, NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnNickGroup (User *u, NickAlias *target)
virtual void OnNickIdentify (User *u)
virtual void OnUserLogin (User *u)
virtual void OnNickLogout (User *u)
virtual void OnNickRegister (User *user, NickAlias *na, const Anope::string &pass)
virtual void OnNickSuspend (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnNickUnsuspended (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnDelNick (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnNickCoreCreate (NickCore *nc)
virtual void OnDelCore (NickCore *nc)
virtual void OnChangeCoreDisplay (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &newdisplay)
virtual void OnNickClearAccess (NickCore *nc)
virtual void OnNickAddAccess (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &entry)
virtual void OnNickEraseAccess (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &entry)
virtual void OnNickClearCert (NickCore *nc)
virtual void OnNickAddCert (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &entry)
virtual void OnNickEraseCert (NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &entry)
virtual void OnNickInfo (CommandSource &source, NickAlias *na, InfoFormatter &info, bool show_hidden)
virtual void OnBotInfo (CommandSource &source, BotInfo *bi, ChannelInfo *ci, InfoFormatter &info)
virtual void OnCheckAuthentication (User *u, IdentifyRequest *req)
virtual void OnNickUpdate (User *u)
virtual void OnFingerprint (User *u)
virtual void OnUserAway (User *u, const Anope::string &message)
virtual void OnInvite (User *source, Channel *c, User *targ)
virtual void OnDeleteVhost (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnSetVhost (NickAlias *na)
virtual void OnSetDisplayedHost (User *)
virtual void OnMemoSend (const Anope::string &source, const Anope::string &target, MemoInfo *mi, Memo *m)
virtual void OnMemoDel (const Anope::string &target, MemoInfo *mi, const Memo *m)
virtual EventReturn OnChannelModeSet (Channel *c, MessageSource &setter, ChannelMode *mode, const Anope::string &param)
virtual EventReturn OnChannelModeUnset (Channel *c, MessageSource &setter, ChannelMode *mode, const Anope::string &param)
virtual void OnUserModeSet (const MessageSource &setter, User *u, const Anope::string &mname)
virtual void OnUserModeUnset (const MessageSource &setter, User *u, const Anope::string &mname)
virtual void OnChannelModeAdd (ChannelMode *cm)
virtual void OnUserModeAdd (UserMode *um)
virtual EventReturn OnMLock (ChannelInfo *ci, ModeLock *lock)
virtual EventReturn OnUnMLock (ChannelInfo *ci, ModeLock *lock)
virtual void OnModuleLoad (User *u, Module *m)
virtual void OnModuleUnload (User *u, Module *m)
virtual void OnServerSync (Server *s)
virtual void OnUplinkSync (Server *s)
virtual EventReturn OnBotPrivmsg (User *u, BotInfo *bi, Anope::string &message)
virtual void OnBotNotice (User *u, BotInfo *bi, Anope::string &message)
virtual void OnPrivmsg (User *u, Channel *c, Anope::string &msg)
virtual void OnLog (Log *l)
virtual void OnLogMessage (LogInfo *li, const Log *l, const Anope::string &msg)
virtual void OnDnsRequest (DNS::Query &req, DNS::Query *reply)
virtual void OnCheckModes (Reference< Channel > &c)
virtual void OnChannelSync (Channel *c)
virtual void OnSetCorrectModes (User *user, Channel *chan, AccessGroup &access, bool &give_modes, bool &take_modes)
virtual void OnSerializeCheck (Serialize::Type *)
virtual void OnSerializableConstruct (Serializable *)
virtual void OnSerializableDestruct (Serializable *)
virtual void OnSerializableUpdate (Serializable *)
virtual void OnSerializeTypeCreate (Serialize::Type *)
virtual EventReturn OnSetChannelOption (CommandSource &source, Command *cmd, ChannelInfo *ci, const Anope::string &setting)
virtual EventReturn OnSetNickOption (CommandSource &source, Command *cmd, NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &setting)
virtual EventReturn OnMessage (MessageSource &source, Anope::string &command, std::vector< Anope::string > &param)
virtual EventReturn OnCanSet (User *u, const ChannelMode *cm)
virtual EventReturn OnCheckDelete (Channel *)
virtual void OnExpireTick ()
virtual EventReturn OnNickValidate (User *u, NickAlias *na)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Extensible
virtual ~Extensible ()
template<typename T >
T * GetExt (const Anope::string &name) const
bool HasExt (const Anope::string &name) const
template<typename T >
T * Extend (const Anope::string &name, const T &what)
template<typename T >
T * Extend (const Anope::string &name)
template<typename T >
T * Require (const Anope::string &name)
template<typename T >
void Shrink (const Anope::string &name)
bool * Extend (const Anope::string &name, const bool &what)

Private Attributes

InspIRCd12Proto ircd_proto
ExtensibleItem< bool > ssl
Message::Away message_away
Message::Error message_error
Message::Invite message_invite
Message::Join message_join
Message::Kick message_kick
Message::Kill message_kill
Message::MOTD message_motd
Message::Notice message_notice
Message::Part message_part
Message::Ping message_ping
Message::Privmsg message_privmsg
Message::Quit message_quit
Message::Stats message_stats
Message::Topic message_topic
IRCDMessageChgIdent message_chgident
IRCDMessageChgName message_setname
IRCDMessageChgName message_chgname
IRCDMessageCapab message_capab
IRCDMessageEncap message_encap
IRCDMessageEndburst message_endburst
IRCDMessageFHost message_fhost
IRCDMessageFHost message_sethost
IRCDMessageFJoin message_fjoin
IRCDMessageFMode message_fmode
IRCDMessageFTopic message_ftopic
IRCDMessageIdle message_idle
IRCDMessageMetadata message_metadata
IRCDMessageMode message_mode
IRCDMessageNick message_nick
IRCDMessageOperType message_opertype
IRCDMessageRSQuit message_rsquit
IRCDMessageSetIdent message_setident
IRCDMessageServer message_server
IRCDMessageSQuit message_squit
IRCDMessageTime message_time
IRCDMessageUID message_uid

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Extensible
static void ExtensibleSerialize (const Extensible *, const Serializable *, Serialize::Data &data)
static void ExtensibleUnserialize (Extensible *, Serializable *, Serialize::Data &data)
- Data Fields inherited from Module
Anope::string name
ModType type
Anope::string filename
void * handle
time_t created
Anope::string version
Anope::string author
- Data Fields inherited from Extensible
std::set< ExtensibleBase * > extension_items

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1308 of file inspircd12.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProtoInspIRCd12()

ProtoInspIRCd12::ProtoInspIRCd12 ( const Anope::string modname,
const Anope::string creator 

Definition at line 1352 of file inspircd12.cpp.

References Servers::Capab.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnUserNickChange()

void ProtoInspIRCd12::OnUserNickChange ( User u,
const Anope::string oldnick 

Called after a user changed the nick

uThe user.
oldnickThe old nick of the user

Reimplemented from Module.

Definition at line 1367 of file inspircd12.cpp.

References MODULE_INIT.

Field Documentation

◆ ircd_proto

InspIRCd12Proto ProtoInspIRCd12::ircd_proto

Definition at line 1310 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_away

Message::Away ProtoInspIRCd12::message_away

Definition at line 1314 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_capab

IRCDMessageCapab ProtoInspIRCd12::message_capab

Definition at line 1332 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_chgident

IRCDMessageChgIdent ProtoInspIRCd12::message_chgident

Definition at line 1330 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_chgname

IRCDMessageChgName ProtoInspIRCd12::message_chgname

Definition at line 1331 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_encap

IRCDMessageEncap ProtoInspIRCd12::message_encap

Definition at line 1333 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_endburst

IRCDMessageEndburst ProtoInspIRCd12::message_endburst

Definition at line 1334 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_error

Message::Error ProtoInspIRCd12::message_error

Definition at line 1315 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_fhost

IRCDMessageFHost ProtoInspIRCd12::message_fhost

Definition at line 1335 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_fjoin

IRCDMessageFJoin ProtoInspIRCd12::message_fjoin

Definition at line 1336 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_fmode

IRCDMessageFMode ProtoInspIRCd12::message_fmode

Definition at line 1337 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_ftopic

IRCDMessageFTopic ProtoInspIRCd12::message_ftopic

Definition at line 1338 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_idle

IRCDMessageIdle ProtoInspIRCd12::message_idle

Definition at line 1339 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_invite

Message::Invite ProtoInspIRCd12::message_invite

Definition at line 1316 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_join

Message::Join ProtoInspIRCd12::message_join

Definition at line 1317 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_kick

Message::Kick ProtoInspIRCd12::message_kick

Definition at line 1318 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_kill

Message::Kill ProtoInspIRCd12::message_kill

Definition at line 1319 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_metadata

IRCDMessageMetadata ProtoInspIRCd12::message_metadata

Definition at line 1340 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_mode

IRCDMessageMode ProtoInspIRCd12::message_mode

Definition at line 1341 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_motd

Message::MOTD ProtoInspIRCd12::message_motd

Definition at line 1320 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_nick

IRCDMessageNick ProtoInspIRCd12::message_nick

Definition at line 1342 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_notice

Message::Notice ProtoInspIRCd12::message_notice

Definition at line 1321 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_opertype

IRCDMessageOperType ProtoInspIRCd12::message_opertype

Definition at line 1343 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_part

Message::Part ProtoInspIRCd12::message_part

Definition at line 1322 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_ping

Message::Ping ProtoInspIRCd12::message_ping

Definition at line 1323 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_privmsg

Message::Privmsg ProtoInspIRCd12::message_privmsg

Definition at line 1324 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_quit

Message::Quit ProtoInspIRCd12::message_quit

Definition at line 1325 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_rsquit

IRCDMessageRSQuit ProtoInspIRCd12::message_rsquit

Definition at line 1344 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_server

IRCDMessageServer ProtoInspIRCd12::message_server

Definition at line 1346 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_sethost

IRCDMessageFHost ProtoInspIRCd12::message_sethost

Definition at line 1335 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_setident

IRCDMessageSetIdent ProtoInspIRCd12::message_setident

Definition at line 1345 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_setname

IRCDMessageChgName ProtoInspIRCd12::message_setname

Definition at line 1331 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_squit

IRCDMessageSQuit ProtoInspIRCd12::message_squit

Definition at line 1347 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_stats

Message::Stats ProtoInspIRCd12::message_stats

Definition at line 1326 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_time

IRCDMessageTime ProtoInspIRCd12::message_time

Definition at line 1348 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_topic

Message::Topic ProtoInspIRCd12::message_topic

Definition at line 1327 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ message_uid

IRCDMessageUID ProtoInspIRCd12::message_uid

Definition at line 1349 of file inspircd12.cpp.

◆ ssl

ExtensibleItem<bool> ProtoInspIRCd12::ssl

Definition at line 1311 of file inspircd12.cpp.

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