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AccessGroup Class Reference

#include <access.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AccessGroup ()
bool HasPriv (const Anope::string &priv) const
const ChanAccessHighest () const
bool operator> (const AccessGroup &other) const
bool operator< (const AccessGroup &other) const
bool operator>= (const AccessGroup &other) const
bool operator<= (const AccessGroup &other) const

Data Fields

const ChannelInfoci
ChanAccess::Path path
const NickCorenc
bool super_admin
bool founder

Detailed Description

Definition at line 140 of file access.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AccessGroup()

AccessGroup::AccessGroup ( )

Definition at line 351 of file access.cpp.

References founder, nc, and super_admin.

Member Function Documentation

◆ HasPriv()

bool AccessGroup::HasPriv ( const Anope::string priv) const

Check if this access group has a certain privilege. Eg, it will check every ChanAccess entry of this group for any that has the given privilege.

privThe privilege
true if any entry has the given privilege

Definition at line 384 of file access.cpp.

References ACCESS_INVALID, EVENT_ALLOW, EVENT_CONTINUE, Anope::string::find(), FOREACH_RESULT, founder, and super_admin.

Referenced by BadwordsDelCallback::BadwordsDelCallback(), CommandCSMode::CanSet(), CommandBSKickBase::CheckArguments(), CommandCSAKick::DoAdd(), CommandCSXOP::DoAdd(), CommandBSBadwords::DoAdd(), CommandCSEnforce::DoBans(), CommandBSBadwords::DoClear(), CommandCSAKick::DoClear(), CommandCSXOP::DoClear(), CommandCSAKick::DoDel(), CommandCSXOP::DoDel(), CommandCSAccess::DoDel(), CommandBSBadwords::DoDelete(), CommandCSLevels::DoDisable(), CommandCSAKick::DoEnforce(), CommandMSSet::DoLimit(), CommandCSEnforce::DoLimit(), CommandBSBadwords::DoList(), CommandCSXOP::DoList(), CommandCSMode::DoLock(), CommandCSFlags::DoModify(), CommandCSEnforce::DoRegOnly(), CommandCSLevels::DoReset(), CommandCSEnforce::DoRestricted(), CommandCSEnforce::DoSecureOps(), CommandCSMode::DoSet(), CommandCSLevels::DoSet(), CommandCSEnforce::DoSSLOnly(), CommandBSAssign::Execute(), CommandCSKick::Execute(), CommandCSBan::Execute(), CommandMSDel::Execute(), CommandBSSetBanExpire::Execute(), CommandBSUnassign::Execute(), CommandMSRead::Execute(), CommandCSModes::Execute(), CommandBSSetDontKickOps::Execute(), CommandBSSetDontKickVoices::Execute(), HasPriv(), StatusUpdate::OnAccessAdd(), StatusUpdate::OnAccessDel(), BSAssign::OnInvite(), Fantasy::OnPrivmsg(), BSKick::OnPrivmsg(), WebCPanel::ChanServ::Modes::OnRequest(), WebCPanel::MemoServ::Memos::OnRequest(), WebCPanel::ChanServ::Drop::OnRequest(), WebCPanel::ChanServ::Access::OnRequest(), WebCPanel::ChanServ::Set::OnRequest(), WebCPanel::ChanServ::Akick::OnRequest(), NSAJoin::OnUserLogin(), operator<(), operator>(), CommandBSKickBase::Process(), MemoServCore::Send(), CommandCSTopic::Set(), and CommandCSUp::SetModes().

◆ Highest()

const ChanAccess * AccessGroup::Highest ( ) const

Get the "highest" access entry from this group of entries. The highest entry is determined by the entry that has the privilege with the highest rank (see Privilege::rank).

The "highest" entry

Definition at line 416 of file access.cpp.

Referenced by CommandCSAccess::DoAdd(), CommandCSXOP::DoAdd(), CommandCSXOP::DoDel(), CommandCSAccess::DoDel(), CommandCSFlags::DoModify(), and WebCPanel::ChanServ::Access::OnRequest().

◆ operator<()

bool AccessGroup::operator< ( const AccessGroup other) const

Definition at line 451 of file access.cpp.

References founder, PrivilegeManager::GetPrivileges(), HasPriv(), name, and super_admin.

◆ operator<=()

bool AccessGroup::operator<= ( const AccessGroup other) const

Definition at line 482 of file access.cpp.

◆ operator>()

bool AccessGroup::operator> ( const AccessGroup other) const

Definition at line 425 of file access.cpp.

References founder, PrivilegeManager::GetPrivileges(), HasPriv(), name, and super_admin.

◆ operator>=()

bool AccessGroup::operator>= ( const AccessGroup other) const

Definition at line 477 of file access.cpp.

Field Documentation

◆ ci

const ChannelInfo* AccessGroup::ci

Definition at line 144 of file access.h.

Referenced by ChannelInfo::AccessFor(), BSAssign::OnInvite(), and Fantasy::OnPrivmsg().

◆ founder

bool AccessGroup::founder

◆ nc

const NickCore* AccessGroup::nc

Definition at line 148 of file access.h.

Referenced by ChannelInfo::AccessFor(), and AccessGroup().

◆ path

ChanAccess::Path AccessGroup::path

Definition at line 146 of file access.h.

Referenced by ChannelInfo::AccessFor(), and HasPriv().

◆ super_admin

bool AccessGroup::super_admin

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