Anope IRC Services  Version 2.0
WebPanel Namespace Reference


void RunCommand (const Anope::string &user, NickCore *nc, const Anope::string &service, const Anope::string &c, const std::vector< Anope::string > &params, TemplateFileServer::Replacements &r, const Anope::string &key)

Function Documentation

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void WebPanel::RunCommand ( const Anope::string user,
NickCore nc,
const Anope::string service,
const Anope::string c,
const std::vector< Anope::string > &  params,
TemplateFileServer::Replacements r,
const Anope::string key = "MESSAGES" 

Run a command

Username to run command as, probably nc->display unless nc == NULL
ncNick core to run command from
serviceService for source.owner and source.service
cCommand to run (as a service name)
paramsCommand parameters
rReplacements, reply from command goes back here into key
keyThe key to put the replies into r

Definition at line 234 of file webcpanel.cpp.

References Command::AllowUnregistered(), anope_override, BotListByNick, Command::Execute(), Command::min_params, MODULE_INIT, and CommandSource::nc.

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